Speakercraft Aim 7 Two In-Ceiling Pivoting Speaker Review

Speakercraft Aim 7 Two In-Ceiling Pivoting Speaker Review

When looking for the right speaker, most of us consider not just the clarity of it but also its looks. It is also important that the speaker matches the style of the place where it will be put.

Modern design and innovative features are some of the things SpeakerCraft two in-ceiling pivoting speakers can offer. The SpeakerCraft pivoting speaker is a great model that can give you what you need. Take a look at its features, which are listed below.


  • Dimensions: 9.9 inches x 5.1 inches x 5.1 inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Type: In-Ceiling
  • Maximum power output: 125 watts
  • Can be connected through wiring
  • Speaker cutout diameter: 8 ¼ inches or 210 mm
  • Equipped with pivoting and rotating 7″ resin reinforced fiberglass cone woofer
  • Available in white


Speakercraft two in-ceiling pivoting speakers come in one color:  white. This suits every type of home.

This SpeakerCraft device has an innovative design and is the result of one of the most extensive engineering efforts in this industry’s history, making this pivoting speaker a must-have at home. Furthermore, the SpeakerCraft speaker is a patented creation of AIM series which has directional in-ceiling loudspeakers.

Installing the speaker is very easy as explained by many who have already bought the product. Changing its position is hassle-free and not tiresome. You can adjust and change the position depending on where the listener is located.

The speaker can be directed without any trouble in another way with a simple push of the hand. Installing it does not take much effort as the instructions are easy to follow.

Moreover, Speakercraft two in-ceiling pivoting speakers do not take too much space because they are installed in the ceiling. Another highlight of this pivoting speaking is its connectivity technology. The Speakercraft two in-ceiling pivoting speakers are connected through wiring. This is very convenient because it is less messy and looks tidy.

Speakercraft two in-ceiling pivoting speakers cost less than a hundred dollars. This is cheap for a home electronic device which comes with good capabilities. It has benefits suitable for anyone who wants high-definition loudspeakers at home. The speaker is even mounted in the ceiling and the sounds are emitted clearly.

Speakercraft is the only company that offers pivoting speakers. They have patented pivoting speaker products and are the first company to produce one.

One major advantage of their products is the ability to focus the sound toward the listening area. Thanks to this distinctive feature, Speakercraft two in-ceiling pivoting speakers have become very popular with buyers.

Speakercraft two in-ceiling pivoting speakers are equipped with pivoting and rotating 7-inch resin reinforced fiberglass cone woofers. Furthermore, they are also equipped with pivoting 1-inch silk dome tweeters. These make it easier to change the direction of the speakers and allow the speaker to be directed toward the listener.


One major disadvantage of Speakercraft in-ceiling pivoting speakers is the fact that they are sold individually. Though they are cheaper in price compared to other speakers that cost more than a hundred dollars, Speakercraft speakers do not come in pairs.

For some consumers, they are too expensive because if they want to buy a pair of SpeakerCraft speakers they will have to pay about $200.

Another disadvantage of this electronic device is it can only be installed in the ceiling. Although it does not take up much space at home, some people prefer to install it in places other than the ceiling. Unlike the other speakers,

What’s more frustrating about this product is the fact that the manufacturer has discontinued the production of the product. This means that if the speaker ever needs some parts to be repaired or changed they will be harder to get hold of.

Furthermore, the warranty for the SpeakerCraft speaker is offered by the company, so buyers should ask the company directly about it.


Overall Speakercraft in-ceiling pivoting speakers exhibit lots of advantages in their functionality which is much appreciated by consumers.

Reviewers have rated Speakercraft two in-ceiling pivoting speakers very highly, with many users giving it a perfect 5 stars. This explains why these speakers are some of the most popular ceiling and wall speakers currently available.

Generally speaking, if you want some home speakers that are easy to manipulate with high-definition sound, Speakercraft two in-ceiling pivoting speakers are a good buy. However, take note that they do have limitations.

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